Monday, April 30, 2012

Insurgent (Divergent #2)

It's coming and I can't wait to find out what will await Tris, Four, and the people that are pulling the strings in the feuding factions of Roth's alluring dystopian trilogy.

Beautiful cover, don't you think? Can anyone take a hint on what this cover (the tree and the colors) represent? < Probably a question for true Divergent fans.

neck crooks from late-night reading and tantalizing books for brain-feeding,

The Final Delirium Book


Are. You. Kidding. Me?

This sounds EPIC. And guess what! This trilogy is! And I can ONLY imagine the beautiful and enticing cover that will follow up such a precious name for the final book in the series.

I feel like I'm hyperventilating! Someone bring me more oxygen, please. These books tug my heart in places I'd rather they wouldn't but they do. You know when you begin watching a TV series that just ends up being so FREAKING delicious that you can't get enough of it and you almost want to stop because it's so addicting and emotional and destroys and builds and corrupts your heart all at the same time?

That's the Delirium Trilogy for me, people. It drags me in like pull of the moon on our oceanic tides.

Lethal and beautiful at the same time. And there are only FEW things that can do that to me. So these books are certainly special.

Pick them up, read them, and fall into the pits of obsession with me. I insist.

Divergent - Review

Fast forward, people. It's a futuristic Chicago divided into factions everyone is born into based on selflessness (Abnegation), bravery (Dauntless), honesty (Candor), intelligence (Erudite), and kindness (Amity).

Beatrice Prior, a sixteen-year-old Abnegation girl, must choose the faction she will become part of for the rest of her life.
Will she stay with her family or abandon them for her heart's desire?
Shortly after her selection, she is thrown into a foreign world, including an older boy with a mysterious attitude and a jumbled past. As he deals with his own rivalries and she copes with this unpredictable lifestyle she has thrown herself into, the world of factions in which she lives in is gradually conjuring a scent of war in the air.
Every decision she makes will determine the fate of her life and the people surrounding her.

Full of secrets, pain, staggering discoveries, breathtaking imagery, tear-jerking action, and gut-churning revelations, this book turns you upside down and inside out as you're clawing for the sequel after such an incredibly wicked ending. This debut novel by Veronica Roth ensures that there's world-building to be done, more of Beatrice's transformation to be made, and a strong heroine for the book to elevate in such an already riveting and fresh dystopian trilogy.

Four out of five beans for this brand new author that latched on to the hearts of many YA-loving, dystopian-obsessed fans out there. While there lacks a bit of world-building and an understanding of how Chicago came to be the way it is, I'm hoping for explanations in the sequel to this fantastic epic, titled--interestingly--Insurgent.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Carrie Diaries Review

Four yummy beans for such a meaningful, frisky, yet memorable novel by Candace Bushnell!
Betrayal. Love. Innocence. Denial. Progression. Blindness. Friendship. Loyalty. Guilt. And the will to strive.
I truly enjoyed this book and I hope every girl checks this out while I slide under the covers for sequel, Summer and the City! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

goodreads gone bookweed

So they say the first step to an addiction recovery is admitting you are an addict. Well, YA fans: that's me.
I'm officially a pothead for books.
Here's my list of interesting books I discovered while skimming through a list of numerous novels called "YA of 2012" on Let's just say my eyes were glued to my Mac screen for, like, 2 hours straight. This is legit, okay? Check it out.

Starters by Lissa Price: Old people are renting out bodies of the youth. This has no choice but to be an epic read. I'm heading to to claim my prize as I type this!!!

Ten by Gretchen McNeil: An island for one purpose: to marry the night. Get drunk, party it up, then suddenly have your friends go missing with a mysterious killer on site? Woah, I'm not usually a YA mystery fan, but I might be able to dive into this to see what awaits me.

Some girls in the courtship of King Henry VIII? With flashes of "The Tudors" going through my head, not much needs to be said for me to snatch this up without even glancing at the title.

I have a strong feeling that my summer will be full of Algebra 2, Spanish 2, and YA novels!!! Bring it on!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Au Revior, Crazy European Chick

So reading this book is a must. Here's why:

1. Josh Schwarts, co-producer of Gossip Girl, is supposedly making this into a film
2. It's like, 200 pages.

Perry, the main character in this fresh read, is being forced to take his family's exchange student to prom. The sudden twist? It'll be a night he never forgets! Hopefully, by the end of it, he'll still be alive!

How's the book so far? I'm realizing that the adventure that awaits me is going to be unlike anything I've ever read! And I'm prepared to take this flight.

More news on this spontaneous read later.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

125 pages into... The Carrie Diaries

Candace Bushnell asked for it and now she's going to get it. This legendary-to-every-girl Sex and the City prequel is the pure image of what it means to face the harsh, yet insightful reality of boys, best friends, bitches, and once-you-leave-high-school dreams.
Although my eyes haven't skimmed over the last pages of this already classic novel, I'm drawn in by the fast-paced chapters filled with such informally attractive writing that allows me to slump a little lower in my seat. It's already hitting the target with quick revolutions, never ceasing to bore me with the drama that unravels before young Carrie Bradshaw in her pre-NYC days and post-"I'm-nothing-without-a-boy" notions within small-town Castlebury.
While far from her future of being the epic writer that's begging to flail out from her heavy-smoking body, being that girl attempting to NOT fawn over sexy lonesome-traveler Sebastian Kydd can be a daily hustle.
I'm far from finishing this impressionable title, but once I do, I'll spill on all my rants and raves. Of course, that is if I make time to somewhere in between the stages of shutting this book and clawing for the sequel, Summer and the City, awaiting me patiently on my bookshelf.
...And I have a gut feeling that this is where the real story will begin.


Monday, April 16, 2012


Dystopia? A Dauntless boy? Making difficult choices? Count me in, Veronica Roth.

Language-separating class system? A created country? It's a go.
Original dystopia? Becoming "pretty" at 16? Night-long parties with beautiful guys surrounding you? I'm all for it!
Airport? One-day book? A gorgeous guy and a spontaneous adventure? Sounds great to me!
A courting prince? The ultimate competition? One crown to rule them all? This will be fun.

The Delirium Trilogy - Review

I'm jumping off the walls for this brand new fantastic dystopian trilogy that's flying off the shelves faster than I can type this new post!

Curious to know what this bestseller is about?

Delirium, the first installment in this exhilarating series, is focused on Portland, Maine in the future where the government has declared love "amor deliria nervosa" a disease and all humans must get "treated" for it once they turn eighteen years old.

Delirium seeps into the composed--at first--mind of Lena Halloway and the procedure that's nearing her by the day. During this countdown, we learn about her world, her living with aunts and uncles that cannot love, and this obsession society has with NOT getting this disease. Along this journey, she gets a change of mind and meets a "cured" boy who will alter her life as she knows it and it'll force her to make grave decisions about the future she thought others had total control over! 

Elements of the past with her dead mother and flashes of the her possible future haunt this young teenager as character development is key and apparent! An incredible and long read that will leave your fingers permanently clamped to each page!

But I won't stop here. The second book in the trilogy, titled "Pandemonium" with a fiery cover, continues this epic journey on what it means to fight for love and fight for the freedom! It's tear-jerking and includes tons of page-flipping action that has your stomach churning and fingers turning for more!

I give Delirium five out of five beans and Pandemonium four and a half!

Stay connected because the third and final installment in this defiant series is heading our way! 
x5 & x4.5!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bunheads Spun Me Around!

Wow. I highly recommend this book. First off, it's such a simplistic one-minded transformation on making the right decisions in multiple aspects of a nineteen-year-old's life.

From the direction of your career to the boy you grab coffee with to the girls you dance and sweat and starve alongside in the ruthless competitive world of dancing.

If you're looking for lightweight read with fantastic character development and some sexy guys that easily swoop the main character off her ballet-trained toes, you're in for a wonderful pick.

Bunheads by Sophie Flack gets points for her first novel! :)