Monday, July 30, 2012

Venom - Review

It's the dazzling days of Renaissance in Venice, Italy. Gowns, heels, embroidered handkerchiefs, and a few wealth-wielders all grace the island of San Domenico in which the confined beauty and orphaned Cassandra Caravello is privileged enough to have a taste of. In the midst of peace, Cass finds herself drawn to jotting down her caged feelings in the darkness of cemeteries where the dead don't judge. But things begin to get complicated...and deadly. Especially when she discovers her dead friend's grave contains the wrong body!

Suddenly, dead bodies of young girls are missing all over town and with some snarky persuasion from "bad boy" Falco, she'll embark on a murderous mystery that could both reveal heart-jerking revelations and the reality of a man stalking her every whereabouts. The mystic nights soon become crowded with the brooding, blue-eyed artist Falco, dangerous Italian locations, and stolen gondolas across skinny waterways. Solving the murders and discovering who the grave-robber is as well as other deepening puzzles becomes a hassle for Cass who constantly worries about strict Aunt Agnese discovering her late-night adventures.

Did I mention she's engaged to a man of perfection in which she hasn't seen in three years? In "Venom", Fiona Paul raises the stakes with each chapter and forces your emotions to hop onto the roller coaster of secrets, lies, strangers, drunken kisses, and page-gripping chases. Cass gradually develops into a much stronger, much more confident female lead. Her easily admirable authenticity is what adds depth and reason to this action-packed, story-twisting debut. Just when you think you know who the culprit is, you've been outwitted by the warped minds of the numerous in-and-out characters. You've never been this paranoid about the true intentions of each person in this chilling first installment in the brand new historical trilogy. I could literally go on and on, but I'd spoil half the exhilarating story! I strongly recommend this to readers who've had a taste of "The Luxe" series by Anna Godberson, "Gilt" by Katherine Longshore, and anyone who has a knack for flowing gowns, sultry boys in masks, and a deathly villain with blood on their hands...

I give this novel five out of five beans!! It's a MUST!


Friday, July 27, 2012

97 pages into "Venom"...

After falling madly in love with "Gilt" by Katherine Longshore (I totally posted all over Facebook about her and she replied to my blabbers! How sweet is that!?!) I knew diving into another novel based on historical mystery would suck me in like a vacuum.

And let me inform you now: It has done so.

I'm barely skimming the surface of this 400-something paged adventure and it has already wrapped me in. I'm already becoming completely and utterly attached to main character Cass in Venice, Italy who has proven she'll soon be taking on a transformation from shy-perfect girl to confident-risky gal in no time. Also, how can I not already fall for possible love interest Falco (hot name, don't you think?) with his impeccably brooding blue eyes, tan skin, dark hair, and love for art. His eye-winking, snarky commenting personality will surely send sweet and untarnished Cass on an invigorating roller-coaster! I'm ready for the sinful side of her to sprout, but with time.....

These two characters are already diving into a world of murder, secrecy, grave-robbing, and pendants leading to abandoned residences and shadowy places. Even though I talk on and on about how Cass is in for something she's never experienced before as a wealthy teenager living in the large homes Italy has to offer during the 1500s, I'm sure I will be in for an even bigger adventure reading about it.

Here we go...

Friday, July 13, 2012

July Book Haul - 2012

Being associated with Book People's Teen Press Corps where I constantly am in control of Advanced Reader's Copy novels is definitely a HUGE perk for an obsessed YA reader such as myself!

Here's the July 2012 BOOK HAUL! Also, these were FREE copies, so I feel too amazing right now! My once cute but empty bookshelf is beginning to stock itself up quickly!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Requiem" Cover Revealed!

Is this real to life? It's beautiful, thought-provoking, dangerously brooding. I am instantly pumped every time I glance upon this cover of the final installment of the exhilarating "Delirium" trilogy.

Can't wait for Feb/Mar 2013! The world better not end in 2012 or I'm going to be a pissed girl...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gilt = Impeccable

Gilt, gilt, and more gilt. I couldn't get enough of the rawness of this novel. It is literally one of the best written young adult novels based on history that I have ever read!
Cat and Kitty are sisters from another mister for life and plan on keeping it that way, regardless of their pipe dreams to be in the court of King Henry XIII. Yet one day, Cat is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, in which she gladly excepts. Being shipped off to live in his gorgeous palaces, travel the country, and experience life as a privileged woman becomes a reality, and she eventually becomes Queen of England. Little did she know, as she drags Kitty into the world she's grown to become infatuated with, secrets and twists and lies and love etch its way underneath the bedsheets of these gossiping and frolicking youngsters. It becomes a power struggle, filled with roaring fights all the way to the very last pages--the edge--of what it means when you've gotten something you've always wanted, and can't let it go.
I give this novel five out of five beans, people! Stock this up on your book shelves this summer because it's going to suck you in to the world of aristocracy, ruthlessness, pain, sworn secrecy, and a dirtiness I've never felt or known until I picked this book up. The psychological attachments are mind-blowing and I can only imagine what experiencing life in the 1500s while being courted by one of the most infamous kings on the planet was like for a young, naive girl like Catherine Howard...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black City - Review

What if a cult religion was spreading through your city like a wildfire? What about a vampire-like Darkling with fangs and blood-curdling snarls?

In Black City, disrupted and destroyed after horrific wars found it, Natalie Buchanan is the offspring of a ruling government official. Ash Fisher is a dark-haired, half-Darkling who gets to live amongst humans instead of the other side of the wall where his other kind writhe and yearn for the kill. In a city of tension, Natalie and Ash are managing to fall for each other. Just the slightest idea of such a thing would be considered heinous, unacceptable, and would result in instant death--they've seen it happen before. So why are they falling for each other? Especially since Ash is partly made up of the same creature that slaughtered Natalie's father, a man who was once passionate about helping these souls.

Humans want Darklings out and gone. For good.

How will their blooming love survive when war is vamping, religious leader Purian Rose is taking over, and some dark and dangerous creature seems to be haunting Natalie's every footstep?

Although I was initially sold by the beautiful cover of the book and it's inviting synopsis, while diving into the book I was quickly taken aback by how deep and specific the ideas and emotions that had been springing out of the pages like fairy dust were. It tugged at my heart to see people punished as an example for others, simply for something as natural as love, regardless of their opposing races and beliefs. Elizabeth Richards creates a strong story with other likable friends that tag along in the ultimate tale of keen love and treacherous war. Teens will enjoy this book as much as I did because it interlaces peace and conflict together in the most magnetic and alluring way!