Monday, April 16, 2012

The Delirium Trilogy - Review

I'm jumping off the walls for this brand new fantastic dystopian trilogy that's flying off the shelves faster than I can type this new post!

Curious to know what this bestseller is about?

Delirium, the first installment in this exhilarating series, is focused on Portland, Maine in the future where the government has declared love "amor deliria nervosa" a disease and all humans must get "treated" for it once they turn eighteen years old.

Delirium seeps into the composed--at first--mind of Lena Halloway and the procedure that's nearing her by the day. During this countdown, we learn about her world, her living with aunts and uncles that cannot love, and this obsession society has with NOT getting this disease. Along this journey, she gets a change of mind and meets a "cured" boy who will alter her life as she knows it and it'll force her to make grave decisions about the future she thought others had total control over! 

Elements of the past with her dead mother and flashes of the her possible future haunt this young teenager as character development is key and apparent! An incredible and long read that will leave your fingers permanently clamped to each page!

But I won't stop here. The second book in the trilogy, titled "Pandemonium" with a fiery cover, continues this epic journey on what it means to fight for love and fight for the freedom! It's tear-jerking and includes tons of page-flipping action that has your stomach churning and fingers turning for more!

I give Delirium five out of five beans and Pandemonium four and a half!

Stay connected because the third and final installment in this defiant series is heading our way! 
x5 & x4.5!


  1. I can't wait for the third book! I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a title that rhymes with the other two. I actually liked the second book better than the first...unusual for a trilogy. Usually, I like the first books best.

    Excellently-written review!

    (Oh, BTW, it was Portland, Maine not Oregon.)

    1. Thanks! And woops, typo with the Oregon thing. :S