Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Book Haul Pt. 2 - 2012

A vagabond decides to travel the world. Anything having to do with free young spirits and beautiful sceneries, I'm sold! (Originally a birthday gift to my 20-year-old sis!)

A boy that travels through time falls in love with a girl from the 90s. Smells like teen spirit.

A girl assassin fights for her freedom, having to defeat twenty-three killers! A girl and a fantasy kingdom! Perfect!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mini August Book Haul - 2012

The time has come...and I know I haven't finished all of July's Must Haves but hey, I working on it. It's a hassle when you're mixing reading with writing.. (Shh! Don't tell anyone!)

Alrighty. So August has come as the most sizzling month of the year--100+ degrees here in dry-as-hell (literally) Austin, Texas. But with the crazy weather comes crazy good YA books! That's right! Here is my brand new list of my epically small haul that'll make you jolt with excitement!

Four savage-like and orphaned boys compete for the part of impersonating a runaway prince. Who will win? Who will fall back into a life filled with stealing and conning to survive?

A smart boy is asked to join a military academy to be used as the government's weapon. Sounds like a futuristic adventure to me!

Anyone already have these books? How have you enjoyed them? Anything in particular to look forward to? I can't wait to dive into these reads! August, here we come!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Forsaken - Review

Orphan Alenna Shawcross thinks she will pass the Government Personality test in futuristic North America now called the United Northern Alliance, but she doesn't. In flashing moments, she's found herself banished and in the most dreaded and unlikely place on the planet: the Wheel, an island made to dump children who've failed the personality test, cut off from society to writhe and decay because of crimes they are likely to commit in the future if they mingled amongst the "normal" people long enough. So she is thrust into this world where there are two warring tribes and deadly decisions she has to make on a daily basis to keep herself alive! In a world of roaring allies, beastly enemies, and flying spears, there is bound to be questions in how all of this came to exist. Alenna slowly realizes she doesn't want to be another puny, terrified girl in the background. Instead, she's hoping to become the warrior that her village needs to conquer the rigged system, crack the codes, and team up with hot and rustic Liam to find a way off of the island. But how far will she go to claim freedom and who is she willing to lose in the process?

In an ultimate struggle of friendship, betrayal, enemies, and lies being spewed at her face, Alenna embarks on a never-before-read journey through the unknown, doing whatever it takes to seek freedom and uncover the mysteries of the UNA. Everything she's ever known about her parents will shift and everything she thought about the teenagers on the Wheel will forever be transformed.

Getting into the book, the first pages were already screaming up at me! My eyes were racing across the pages and I was thrown into this action-packed world. I promise, I was never offered a chance to actually rest while reading this book because something insane and attention-worthy was always happening! This book was stuffed with page-turning secrets and wars that pushed the book further into my "Best Reads of Summer 2012" list! It never failed to bore me and if you love a ton of action with surprising outcomes and an epic adventure through an island not one person can predict, then you'll be up for this book! While at times the drama within the story would be filled with immature dialogue and typical teenage romance issues, I fell in love with most of the characters and will never forget this book that took me on a journey and made me second-guess the kind of mind and heart it really takes to have hope no matter what situation presents itself! I picked up a ton of life lessons from Lisa M. Stasse and will never forget The Forsaken.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Innocents - Review

It's Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars.

When sisters Alice and Charlie move into "wealthy-beyond-belief" step-father Richard Flood's summer mansion, Serenity Point, Connecticut couldn't seem more unlike these two girls. Confusing and astonishing mysteries of Richard's dead wife and daughter still haunt his world of champagne-tasting adolescents, town gossiping, and designer sportswear. Only now, this lifestyle of the rich and bored has been passed down to his two new daughters. They're suddenly introduced to Tommy, a boy still torn about his dead girlfriend Camilla. With that tags along Jude, an eye-rolling jerk still dealing with daddy-issue demons. But wherever there is Jude, there is Cybill, a bratty model-esque girl sucked into his world of mixed signals. The two sisters couldn't have been drawn in more. Not only that, but they begin to slowly drift away from each other, breaking promises of being eternally close-knit. 

And all because of a dead girl, Camilla Flood, who's spirit is more alive than anyone can fathom.

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will eat this enticing mystery read up and be scraping for more, watching Alice dig further into the supposed "suicide" of Camilla while attempting to mend broken-hearted and adorably handsome Tommy. But with the twisted and ever-changing turmoil of drama that reminds us of Gossip Girl, Charlie will find her attraction to Jude growing by the second, but stunted by Cybill's strange relationship she has with him. An aura of secrets and dark intentions loom over the mystic Serenity Point. Pick up this book when it releases because brand new author Lili Peloquin is offering us a to-be series filled with soap opera drama, murder mystery, and unique characters all searching for answers.