Friday, July 13, 2012

July Book Haul - 2012

Being associated with Book People's Teen Press Corps where I constantly am in control of Advanced Reader's Copy novels is definitely a HUGE perk for an obsessed YA reader such as myself!

Here's the July 2012 BOOK HAUL! Also, these were FREE copies, so I feel too amazing right now! My once cute but empty bookshelf is beginning to stock itself up quickly!


  1. Oh wow, I've been entering contest for the last two weeks for a copy of "The Forsaken". So congrats on aquiring one. That's some luck! Hope you enjoy all your books. Happy Reading.

    On another note, I noticed you have a fashion blog also. I'm currently searching for bloggers to help me on a guest blogging fashion project on my site. If you're interested, please tweet me @studiokd3.

  2. Thanks for commenting! :) I'm reading "The Forsaken" right now! But I think it should be in stores already. :)