Monday, September 3, 2012

Beta by Rachel Cohn - Review

Elysia is a teen Beta - an experiment made out of a girl's clone...that died in order for Elysia to exist. One island developed out of perfection for the wealthy and elite.
One mission: for Elysia to serve in a household.
And she's NOT supposed to feel emotion. At all.
But what happens when this isolated world of utopia breeds secrets and underlinings of a life so rebellious, the society of the island will do ANYTHING to sweep it under the rug?

Beta was a brilliant idea! I really enjoyed getting such vibrant imagery from the gorgeous settings on the island, titled Demesne (Deh-MEZ-nay). Sounds like paradise, huh?

Rachel Cohn tugged at my heart with her unpredictable and often tear-worthy plot twists. Elysia is supposed to be the one without human-like feelings, but it turns out, she might be the ONLY one with unbreakable determination and a will to live. The last pages really built up and was soaked with vengeance and the thrills a possible sequel! At times, Elysia's skewed interpretation of the modern teenage lingo made her irritable and seem a lot slower than she actually was. Overall, I really enjoyed such a distinctive plot that is MADE for readers to drool for more.

Did I fail to mention there's a gorgeous hazel-eyed, lean and muscular, coffee-skin-colored surfer in this?
Yeah. :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Book Haul - 2012

The books keep rolling in! It's time to prepare for the Austin Teen Book Fesitval!! :)

Anyone diving into these reads already? Anyone praying for one of these ARCs?