Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malcolm in the Middle

It's easy to stumble upon the middle of a book and find yourself stuck. Just. Plain. Stuck.

Why!?!??? Because sometimes, they can hit their weird, awkward, and agonizingly slow moments. When you just want the talking to end and the action to burst back onto the pages again. Like "WHAAMMM!"

But sadly, no. That's not how the writing world works so that's definitely not how the reading world works. And if you do happen to come across a book that keeps you hooked with out (honestly) too many slow moments, let me know! I need to know that books like those exist!

So. As for being stuck in the middle, sometimes it's good to a few of these:

1. Take a reader break. Maybe not all the way, but just for a couple of days, remove yourself completely from that book so it's middle part madness won't get to your head and have you chucking that expensive hardcover across your bedroom floor!

2. Skim on a whim! That's right, kick yourself into super-reading mode and knock the boring pages off your radar for good. Maybe it's best to just blaze through those moments so they won't last forever!

3. Try another read. It could refresh your mind!

There a few options to rid yourself of the "writer's block" for readers. It's all in a matter of how much of a reader bean are you?

Reader Bean

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