Saturday, January 7, 2012

66 pages in...Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Okay, can someone yell, "Pretty Cool!?!"

Unearthly is a mystical YA read about a girl, Clara Gardner, who's part angel and has just received her "purpose", a vision that leads her to the reason she's on Earth in the first place!

And guess what it is... A boy! And for that, she must move with her brother and mom to some state that starts with a W (yes, an unpopular location) to scope out what she must embark on.

She's already met the guy. But a huge bummer: he has a girlfriend and I can already smell the b to the itchiness in her!

I don't want to be a complete SPOILER, but I'm intrigued by it so far and I'm SURRRRE that a HUGE twist is coming my way. I've already made some peculiar guesses, but with time spent reading this interesting book, I'll uncover the deets around flying, glowing, possibly saving this cute boy she's seen in her visions, and some enemies arising!

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