Thursday, April 19, 2012

goodreads gone bookweed

So they say the first step to an addiction recovery is admitting you are an addict. Well, YA fans: that's me.
I'm officially a pothead for books.
Here's my list of interesting books I discovered while skimming through a list of numerous novels called "YA of 2012" on Let's just say my eyes were glued to my Mac screen for, like, 2 hours straight. This is legit, okay? Check it out.

Starters by Lissa Price: Old people are renting out bodies of the youth. This has no choice but to be an epic read. I'm heading to to claim my prize as I type this!!!

Ten by Gretchen McNeil: An island for one purpose: to marry the night. Get drunk, party it up, then suddenly have your friends go missing with a mysterious killer on site? Woah, I'm not usually a YA mystery fan, but I might be able to dive into this to see what awaits me.

Some girls in the courtship of King Henry VIII? With flashes of "The Tudors" going through my head, not much needs to be said for me to snatch this up without even glancing at the title.

I have a strong feeling that my summer will be full of Algebra 2, Spanish 2, and YA novels!!! Bring it on!!

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