Tuesday, April 17, 2012

125 pages into... The Carrie Diaries

Candace Bushnell asked for it and now she's going to get it. This legendary-to-every-girl Sex and the City prequel is the pure image of what it means to face the harsh, yet insightful reality of boys, best friends, bitches, and once-you-leave-high-school dreams.
Although my eyes haven't skimmed over the last pages of this already classic novel, I'm drawn in by the fast-paced chapters filled with such informally attractive writing that allows me to slump a little lower in my seat. It's already hitting the target with quick revolutions, never ceasing to bore me with the drama that unravels before young Carrie Bradshaw in her pre-NYC days and post-"I'm-nothing-without-a-boy" notions within small-town Castlebury.
While far from her future of being the epic writer that's begging to flail out from her heavy-smoking body, being that girl attempting to NOT fawn over sexy lonesome-traveler Sebastian Kydd can be a daily hustle.
I'm far from finishing this impressionable title, but once I do, I'll spill on all my rants and raves. Of course, that is if I make time to somewhere in between the stages of shutting this book and clawing for the sequel, Summer and the City, awaiting me patiently on my bookshelf.
...And I have a gut feeling that this is where the real story will begin.


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