Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Space Between - Review

In the deep crevices of the chaotic cities of Hell, sixteen-year-old pale beauty Daphne, daughter of the most infamous demons Lucifer and Lilith, suddenly sparks a desire to be more than her Pandemonium world. The spontaneity of her thoughts leads her on a roller coaster adventure when her soul-saving brother, Obie, has vanished on Earth. 

Worried he might be in danger because of a lethal Earth warden and intrigued by the mysterious boy, Truman, whom Obie has saved, Daphne embarks on an enticing yet catastrophic journey through differing worlds. And which will she choose? Life or death? Earth or hell?

I really enjoyed this book! It was a quick read that I devoured without thinking! Brenna Yovanoff gives an avant garde angle on the protagonist with her dark and brooding ancestry, while putting in her midst a troubled, confused, and helplessly adorable guy, Truman. Somehow his dreams hold the key to finding her earth-lost brother. And he also might hold the key to her stale, yearning heart. The Space Between never lost my interest! Wild and absorbing, I'd follow this story line to the ends of the…earth?


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