Monday, January 28, 2013

Requiem - Review

It's the final book in the Delirium trilogy.

In the final installment of the enticing and adventurous, dystopian Delirium trilogy, the finale comes to a soft, yet complex end. I enjoyed the book, but was saddened there was no definitive ending, something I could grasp. There were so many loose ends, untold, and unseen stories, but overall, author Lauren Oliver delivered. 

While there are less dramatic metaphors and other captivating, poetic literary elements in the last book as compared to the previous two, we get to see the evolution of Hana, the strengthening of neglected people in a society of bland rules and regulation, and the final love story everyone has been itching to read! 

Avid fans of the Delirium trilogy will be sad to see the story go, but the disastrous yet beautiful Deliria of LOVE will always prevail. 


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